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DRPF Accreditation for Higher Education. Driving excellence in Quality Education. Be part of it.


A Roadmap to Success

DRPF provides a set of standards and criteria to assist DRPF member institutions in achieving excellence in business program education.

A Demonstration of Quality

This distinctive model of excellence reflects validated leading-edge management practices, ensuring the quality of your business programs.

Global Recognition

DRPF accreditation provides global recognition of your business programs. It sets you apart from your competition. It is accreditation with global distinction.

DRPF Services
The DRPF Accreditation Council for Business Education provides advice and assistance to a number of subjects in order to optimize processes inside the corporation structure and to find time and financial savings. We organise International Conferences with reputable and renowned speakers who share their reflections and counselling on a regular basis. Our Association also conducts publication activities with the main purpose to advice of the actual problems and to contribute to the development of economic and juridical disciplines. The Association has also developed many tools and activities to help you promote your accredited status. Beside this, thanks to the membership in our association, we can provide your company much better possibility to find and reach potential students.

Association members at full level of membership are legitimate educational associations and organisations such as universities, colleges, private schools and any certificate granting educational institutions that meet the required criteria and commit to develop their programmes and practices to improve teaching and learning to the highest level.

According to the different level of eligilibity or legislative compatibility, we distinguish three types of membership:

  • Full membership
  • Associate membership
  • Affiliate membership
    Thanks to this division, almost every association, company or organisation, which would like to prove its quality and interest in high standards in providing education, can become our member and help us to enhance the posibilities in business education.

Accreditation is a formal and transparent quality control procedure, during which an independent body certifies on the basis of defined, internationally recognized standards, whether higher education institutions or study programs meet minimum quality requirements.