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DRPF Accreditation for Higher Education. Driving excellence in Quality Education. Be part of it.

Welcome To DRPFA

DRPF Accreditation (DRPFA) is a prominent organization that represents numerous quality assurance organizations from the member states of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). It is renowned for its efforts in senior education quality assurance. The organization strives to disseminate vital information to its members and stakeholders, enabling them to acquire and implement the necessary procedures to support and enhance European quality assurance.

Leading institutional accreditation system

DRPFA is the most comprehensive institutional accreditation system for business and management schools. It is acknowledged worldwide by potential students, faculty, employers, corporate clients and the media, often being a pre-requisite for entry to rankings.

Quality benchmark in ten areas

DRPFA ensures a rigorous quality control, benchmarking your school against international standards in terms of governance, programmes, students, faculty, research, internationalisation, ethics, responsibility and sustainability, as well as engagement with the world of practice.

Broad assessment scope

DRPFA covers all the activities of your school, including degree and non-degree programmes, knowledge generation and contribution to the community. DRPF helps you strive for excellence in an on-going improvement process following each accreditation or re-accreditation visit.

The DRPFA mission is:

Through the accreditation process, the DRPFA supports the development of quality in Higher Education Institutions and at the same time assures the quality of teaching and learning is at the level of international standards.

The values that support the work of DRPFA are:

  • Independence – The DRPFA decisions are taken independently and reasonably in a consistent and verifiable manner;
  • Transparency – The DRPFA is guided by the principles of public responsibility and accountability through an effective information policy;
  • Credibility – The DRPFA organizes credible external quality assurance processes, where the academic community and society at large trust in the work of the DRPFA;
  • Professionalism – The DRPFA applies high professional standards applied in Europe in external quality assurance processes.

The goals of the DRPFA are:

  • To promote, improve and enhance the quality of higher education;
  • Increase transparency and accountability in the higher education system;
  • To improve the quality of studies in higher education institutions;
  • To encourage innovative content in higher education;
  • Ensure the comparability of qualifications from North Macedonia higher education institutions with those provided by international programs;
  • Implement the objectives for the European Higher Education Area and contribute to its development.