Excellence in Education and sustainable development

DRPF’s purpose is to define the future of Education and Politics. We are guided by a distinct set of values—non-partisanship, independent thought, innovative thinking, cross-disciplinary scholarship, integrity and professionalism, and talent development. DRPF’s values work in concert toward the goal of making real-world impact.

DRPF scholars bring their policy expertise, judgment, and robust networks to their research, analysis, and recommendations. We organize conferences, publish, lecture, and make media appearances that aim to increase the knowledge, awareness, and salience of policy issues with relevant stakeholders and the interested public.

DRPF has an impact when our research helps to inform the decisionmaking of key policymakers and the thinking of key influencers. We work toward a vision of a safer and more prosperous world.

DRPF is ranked the number one think tank in the EU as well as the centre of excellence in the year 2019-20